Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships Commission


Up to 15 Members
2 Year Terms
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No

Lori Mack, 04/20/14

Dana Rinderknecht, 04/20/15

Julia Alvarez, 0420/15
Ariel Cisneros, 04/20/15
Kristy Judd, 04/20/15
Renny Fagan, 04/20/15
Christine Soto, 04/20/15
Sonya Garcia Ulibarri, 04/20/15

Nita Henry, 04/20/15

Eddie Koen, 04/20/15

Rob Smith, 04/20/15

Deborah Brackney, 04/20/16
Kelly Causey, 04/20/16
Shawn Davis, 04/20/16
Christiano Sosa, 04/20/16
Sarah Fischler, 04/20/14
Function: Shall make recommendations to the Mayor regarding non-profit sector issues related but not limited to policies affecting the non-profit sector, possible City of Denver/non-profit partnerships, and identifying potential resources.

The Commission may be comprised of the following representatives and sectors: The Director of the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships, non-profit organizations, non-profit intermediaries, foundations, umbrella orgranizations, non-profit consultants, City and State Governments.

Meets: 4th Friday of each month at 9 AM-10:30 AM, please call for location.

Contact: Dace West, 720-913-8852,  

For more information visit the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships website.

Enabling Authorization: Mayor's Office