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Denver Parks and Recreation's historic buildings, mountain lodges and park pavilions are great locations for weddings, business meetings, family reunions and more. These beautiful venues are available for events of 75 to 350 people. 

Weddings, Ceremonies and Receptions

Special Occasion Permits are issued for smaller invitation-only gatherings at designated locations. These locations include four Historic Sites and the new Central Park Stapleton Pavilion. Site capacities range from 25 to 350 people. With an Alcohol Agreement, beer, wine and champagne may be served. Special Occasion permits require insurance and may also require trash and/or sanitary services agreements.

Please email park.permits@denvergov.org or call (720)913-0700 to learn more.

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Applications for 2015 Special Occasion and Public Event permits will be accepted beginning at 8am at the Parks Permit Office, Webb Building, 201 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO, 80202 on Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Please be advised that Public Event caps are in place for 2015, particularly for NEW PUBLIC EVENTS.  Please view restrictions prior to showing up on November 1: www.denvergov.org/2015eventcaps 

2015 Blacked Out Dates
This list indicates locations/dates that have already been reserved by historical events and are not available in 2014.

Important Notes about the November 1 Process:

-You may line up any time you wish prior to the November 1 open date.  We do not know or keep track of the times people begin lining up and we do not recommend any certain day or time to start standing in line – it is completely up to you when you want to begin standing in line.  Reservations are confirmed on a first come, first serve basis beginning on November 1.  We do not know how long it will take to process your application on November 1, so plan to be here several hours after we open at 8am.  We will close at 4pm.  In the event we have not assisted every customer by then, you can retain your “place in line” with your ticket, and appear starting at 8am on Monday, November 3.  Historically, we have been able to assist every customer by close of business (4pm) on November 1

-Denver Parks and Recreation is not managing the queue line outside of the Webb Building

-Signs will be posted outside of the Webb Building (Court Street Entrance) - West Side) indicating where the line starts as well as the “blacked out” (not available; already reserved) list will be posted outside of the Webb Building by 12pm on Thursday, October 30 

-There will not be any restrooms available/portapots outside of the Webb Building – make plans to use nearby facilities

-Overnight “camping” is not allowed - please do not bring sleeping bags, any type of heater, tents, grills, shade structures, etc.  Chairs and blankets are allowed.  Please do not block any sidewalks or stairways or vehicle entrances/exits to the Webb Building

-Numbered tickets will be given out once you enter the Webb Building and ticket numbers will be called beginning at 8am to process applications.  Once you enter the Webb Building, you will go through security.  Please ensure you have put away as many of your items (blankets, chairs, etc.) in your car as possible to speed up the security screening process. Restroom facilities are available in the Webb Building.  Customers will be staged in the atrium, next to the Parks Permit Office.  There will be chairs, blank application forms, pens, and an information station to answer any questions you have. 


-A $210.00 damage deposit is required on November 1 to confirm your reservation for a special event venue (Central Park Pavilion, Chief Hosa Lodge, City Park Pavilion, Fleming Mansion, The Molkery 
[(Montclair Building)], or the Washington Park Boathouse)

-A $25 (no alcohol) or $35 (alcohol) application fee is required on November 1 to confirm your reservation for a special occasion or public event in a park

-Forms of payment accepted include Mastercard, Visa, Discover, cash, check, and cashier’s checks/money orders.  Only pre-printed checks are accepted, and the name on the check must match the signature, which must match the ID (which we will ask to view).  Checks should be made out to “Manager of Finance”

-For more information about the special event venues (capacities, etc.), special occasion sites, and parks visit our website at
www.denvergov.org/permits.  To view site maps of parks, visit www.denvergov.org.findapark

-If you cannot make it here on November 1, we will continue to accept applications during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, beginning on Monday, November 3

-If you have remaining questions after reading all this information, please contact the Parks Permit Office at 720.913.0700 or email us at
park.permits@denvergov.org.  We will do our very best to return your call/email prior to November 1.

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