Mission Statement

Lead Denver’s efforts to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.  


We will help create a disaster resilient Denver where everyone matters. 


Comprehensive  *  Progressive *  Risk-driven *  Integrated * Collaborative * Coordinated * Flexible * Professional


 Strengthen Preparedness * Strengthen Response * Strengthen Recovery

About Us

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides planning, training, exercises, and educational outreach programs related to natural and man-made disasters to assist and prepare citizens, government agencies, and private/non-profit organizations prior to, during, and after a local emergency or disaster. The Office also manages the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during any major emergency or disaster and activates emergency warning systems. The OEM works as an interagency coordinator in partnership with local, state, federal and private entities to provide comprehensive planning, response, mitigation and recovery capabilities for all hazard potentials facing the City and County of Denver.
The Office of Emergency Management was established by city ordinance (Chapter 16 of the Revised Municipal Code) as an agency under the Mayor's Office. In addition, state statute requires that each Colorado County provide an emergency management support function.
  • Administration/Finance - manage all program activities related to emergency planning, resource management, grant projects, and the SARA Title III program, and provide personnel, payroll, accounting, purchasing, and administrative support services.
  • Logistics - establish and maintain resource lists of all city/county, regional, state and private supplies, equipment and personnel for potential use during an emergency or disaster, and procure and coordinate all resource needs during an emergency/disaster.
  • Planning - Develop and maintain the City’s Emergency Operations Plan (including the base plan, ESF annexes, incident annexes, SOP’s, appendices and job aids); develop incident action plans during an emergency; assist City agencies by providing on-going training programs and exercises to enhance preparedness, response and recovery capabilities; develop community outreach programs that educate the public on overall emergency preparedness; publish an OEM newsletter; maintain an emergency management web site; and produce public service announcements in an effort to educate the public on emergency preparedness.
  • Operations - coordinate response efforts with local, state and federal response agencies; organize, equip, and maintain the Emergency Operations Center; and oversee the testing, maintenance, and activation of emergency warning systems.

Contact Us

The Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

1437 Bannock Street, Room 3
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-865-7600
Fax: 720-865-7691