The Administration

  Cary Kennedy
Deputy Mayor & Chief Financial Officer
Department of Finance  
  Adrienne Benavidez
Executive Director of General Services
Department of General Services
  Brad Buchanan
Executive Director of Community Planning and Development
Department of Community Planning and Development
  Jose Cornejo
Executive Director of Public Works
Department of Public Works 
  Lauri Dannemiller
Executive Director of Parks and Recreation
Department of Parks and Recreation
  Kim Day
Executive Director of Aviation
Denver International Airport
  Doug Linkhart
Executive Director of Environmental Health
Department of Environmental Health
  Penny May
Executive Director of Human Services
Denver Human Services
  Scott Martinez
City Attorney
Denver City Attorney's Office 
  Stephanie O'Malley
Executive Director of the Department of Safety
Department of Safety
  Eric Tade
Chief of Fire
Denver Fire Department
  Robert White
Chief of Police
Denver Police Department
  Elias Diggins
Interim Sheriff and Director of Corrections
Denver Sheriff Department
  Stacie Loucks
Director of Excises and Licenses
Department of Excise and Licenses
  Nicholas E. Mitchell, Esq.
Independent Monitor
Office of the Independent Monitor


Frank Daidone
Chief Information Office
Technology Services

  Steve Ferris
Director of Development Services
Development Services
  Scott Field
Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Kelly Leid
Project Manager for the NDCC
North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative


Chris Martinez
Director of Small Business Opportunity
Denver Office of Economic Development

  Bennie Milliner
Director, Denver's Road Home
Denver Human Services
  Erin Brown
Director of Children's Affairs
Office of Children's Affairs
  Derek Okubo
Director of Human Rights and Community Partnerships
Human Rights and Community Partnerships

Kent Rice
Director of Denver Arts & Venues
Denver Arts & Venues

  Jerry Tinianow
Chief Sustainability Officer
Office of Sustainability

Paul Washington
Executive Director of the Denver Office of Economic Development
Denver Office of Economic Development


  Janice Sinden
Chief of Staff

Diane Barrett
Chief Projects Officer


David Edinger
Chief Performance Officer

  Evan Dreyer
Deputy Chief of Staff 
  Rowena Alegria
Chief Communications and Community Officer
  Anthony E. Graves
Director of Regional Affairs
  Skye Stuart
Director of Legislative Affairs
  Amber Miller
Press Secretary
   Ashley Kilroy
Director of Marijuana Policy
  Sarah Kurz
Director of Strategic Marketing
   Monica Lang
Senior Advisor/Scheduler

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Featured Initiatives

Thanks to Denver voters’ overwhelming support of Measure 2A in 2012, the city is equipped to eliminate its budget deficit, restore essential services and move Denver forward. Click here to read the plan...

After three years of measures to balance the budget, agencies are feeling the effects of putting off needed investments in capital and human resources. We need a new approach to these ongoing challenges. Learn more about Peak Performance

The Denver Education Compact is Mayor Hancock's initiative to create a new and binding agreement requiring the City, Denver Public Schools, higher education and community stakeholders to make specific commitments to improve education throughout Denver. Learn more...

Today there are several major redevelopment and infrastructure projects taking place in Denver’s Globeville/Elyria-Swansea/River North neighborhoods. The area is a gateway to downtown Denver and a key station along the Corridor of Opportunity which will connect downtown to Denver International Airport. Learn more about the NDCC...