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Benedict Fountain Park Improvements
February 9, 2009 Public Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2010 Presentation display boards 
February 15, 2012 Meeting Notes, Presentation (from Powerpoint)

The City of Nairobi Park, at East 35th
Avenue and Madison, is in the process of replacing the existing playground. At the Civic Association of Clayton neighborhood meeting on October 4, 2012, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) and the design team of Mundus Bishop Design presented background information, historic and current context of the park, and preliminary design concepts. Design will continue through January and construction is scheduled to start late winter 2013. DPR will post an update of preferred concept in November. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Greg Kaiser at 720-913-0621 or 

City of Nairobi Park Prelimenary Presentation

City Park Master Plan
City Park is the largest and most notable park in Denver. The park contains the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Ferril and Duck Lakes and a boathouse. It encompasses 320 acres of developed parkland.

    Revitalizing the Legacy of City Park    
    Park Facts
    5280 Trail Alignment
    Arboretum Brochure 

    City Park Circulation Master Plan

Flores Park Playground is being renovated!
Denver Parks and Recreation is in the process of designing an existing small playground at Flores Park. The existing equipment is outdated and in need of replacing. The new equipment will be designed to accommodate younger children that challenge their physical skills and abilities based on the latest play industry standards. The design should be complete by October 2012 and be ready for construction this fall/ winter. Depending on the weather, installation may be complete early spring 2013.  For questions or comments please contact Greg Kaiser at 720.913.0621 or
Flores Park Concepts pdf

Garland Park Playground
Denver Parks and Recreation and their design consultants, Stream Design + Urban Play Studio presented a new playground concept for David T. Garland Park at the Cook Park Rec Center on Tuesday evening, February 12, 2013. Garland Park is in southeast Denver (S. Monaco and E. Cherry Creek North Dr.) and has two existing playgrounds that are scheduled for removal and relocated in the fall of 2013. After conducting a neighborhood survey and site analysis, the new playground concept combines the play activities into a larger, easier accessible playground near the beach volley ball courts and adjacent to the recently built restroom. Please contact Greg Kaiser at 720-913-0621 or

Garland Park Play Area Site Selection pdf

Overland Park Improvements
The Greenway Foundation and the City and County of Denver
Parks and Recreation Department will be making improvements at
Overland Pond Park in the Spring / Summer of 2013. The improvements
are being funded through a State of Colorado “Fishing is Fun” grant and
managed by both the Greenway Foundation and Denver Parks and Recreation.

The project generally includes three elements:

#1 – Overland Pond Dock Replacement
This work involves the removal of an existing wood dock structure and replacing with a new dock structure. The old dock pier/footings will be
removed and new pier/footings will be installed. The dock is located on the south side of Overland Pond.

#2 – Accessible “Boat” Launch
A proposed accessible boat launch is planned for the site. This boat launch is located at the northern edge of Overland Pond and will consist
of a gravel trail and a faux rock/concrete structure at the pond edge. (The boat launch will be used for stocking the pond and fishing events.
The launch will also provide another accessible area to fish from.)

#3 – Warm Water Fish Habitat Creation
Three areas of Overland Pond will be excavated to create deeper warm water fish habitats in Overland Pond.
A total of 250 cubic yards of material will be excavated and hauled off-site.
We anticipate constructing these improvements during the spring/summer of 2013.

See flyer here.

Westwood neighborhood
On September 25, Councilman Lopez, Stream Design and Parks Planning celebrated the unveiling of the final design and renderings for the new Westwood Barnum Park.  The final design includes a variety of new amenities for the 1.2 acre park site including a new age separated playground, water play feature, group shelter, picnic lawn area, terrace overlook, perimeter walking path, court skate area and improved access to Alameda Parkway. The project is currently in the construction design phase and construction is scheduled for Spring 2013.

Board 1     Board 2     Board 3     Board 4 

Washington Park Diagonal Improvements
Overview: master planning and design for the diagonal area. (The diagonal area is the area adjacent to the diagonal road located on the south side of the Great Meadow and on the north side of Grassmere Lake; this area includes the playground, picnic area, tennis & basketbal courts, diagonal road and parking areas.)

Documents from Meeting #1:
Washington Park Diagonal-PowerPoint-Public Meeting #1 
Washington Park Diagonal-Meeting Notes-Public Meeting #1

Documents from Meeting #2
Washington Park Diagonal-PowerPoint-Public Meeting #2
Washington Park Diagonal-Meeting Notes-Public Meeting #2

Documents from Meeting #3
Washington Park Diagonal-PowerPoint-Public Meeting #3
Washington Park Diagonal-Meeting Notes-Public Meeting #3

November 22, 2011 Documents
Washington Park Diagonal Area Plan
Washington Park Diagonal Concept Visualization Plan

Washington Park Master Plan
Washington Park is one of the most visited and most loved parks in Denver’s historic system of parks and parkways. As such Washington Park faces unique challenges to preserve its historic character while adapting to the changing needs of the community and its visitors.

Washington Park Master Plan - Final 3.2011

Washington Park Southeast Entry Improvements
Overview: design for the southeast park access improvements. These improvements will be located at the primary access location at Louisiana Avenue and Franklin Street and at the secondary access location at Louisiana Avenue and Gilpin Street.

Washington Park Southeast Entry -  Entry Wall Column Details
Washington Park Southeast Entry -  Entry Wall Site Plan

Flores Park Playground
For questions or comments please contact Greg Kaiser at 720.913.0621 or

Flores Park Concepts pdf

Berkeley Lake Park Improvements Project - June 2011 - Summer 2012

Read full details here.
Berkeley Park Concept Site Plan 

Cesar Chavez Park Improvements

In conjunction with the Tennyson Street Improvements, Chavez Park will be receiving much needed park improvements with a focus on better access between the park and surrounding community.

Contact DPR project manager Greg Cieciek at 720.913.0622 or at

Concept Diagram  Conceptual Plan  Imagery
 Section A  Section B  Site Images
 Survey Results  Timeline  
 Field Reports    
 August 29, 2012

River South (RISO) Greenway Master Plan

The River South Greenway Master Plan is a park, recreation and open space plan that sets a vision for the South Platte River and creates development, financial and regulatory guidelines for parkland along the River between 20th Street to the Denver-Englewood/Sheridan city limits on the south.

    - Chapter 2     - Chapter 3      - Chapter 4      - Appendix

River North Greenway Master Plan Adopted (RINO)

Berkeley Lake Park Improvements Project Summer 2012
The park, located at Sheridan and W 46th, is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2012.  
Berkeley Park Concept Site Plan 

Sloan's Lake Pump and Marina Master Plan
See master plan here.

Washington Park Trail Realignment
December 8, 2011 Public Meeting Flyer
Running Trail Summary Comments (8/3/2011)
South Trail Plan Views

Washington Park Master Plan
The most popular regional park in Denver, Washington Park attracts people from throughout the city and the region. Washington Park is also one of the City’s historically significant parks and landscapes.

Washington Park Master Plan - final draft

Parkfield Lake Master Plan
In anticipation of upcoming Better Denver Bond construction, the Parkfield Lake Master Plan has been updated with a focus on active recreation.  The program includes football, soccer and baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts as well as a large play and skate area and many family gathering spaces.  Construction of these master plan updates is scheduled to begin in fall 2009.  The park will be open to the public in spring of 2011. For questions please contact the DPR project manager Britta Herwig at 720.913.0614 or at

2011 Projected Completions (33 projects – 0 planning / 33 construction)

*Better Denver Bond Projects

6 New Restrooms (Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Rosamond, Garland, Bible, Sloan’s Lake)*
Sloan’s Lake North and GVR East Playground Equipment Replacement
Swansea Park Improvements*
Cheesman Irrigation (Phase 3)*
Alameda Parkway Irrigation*
Civic Center Broadway Terrace Restoration*
Cheesman Pavilion Restoration*
MLK Park Irrigation*
4 Irrigation Rehabilitations (Ashgrove, Weir Gulch, Dailey, Richtofen, Habitat)*
Inspiration Point Picnic Terrace Rehabilitation
4 Playground Rehabilitations (Bezoff, DeBoer, Sanderson Gulch, West Bar Val Wood)*
Bear Creek Pedestrian Bridge
Bear Creek Regional Trail Improvement
City of Axum Park Improvements*
Harvard Gulch Irrigation*
Berkeley Lake Shoreline Improvements*
Barnum North Irrigation*
City Park Duck Lake Improvements*
Eisenhower Park Irrigation
Ruby Hill Park Improvements (playground, pavilion, restroom, parking)
Sloan’s Lake Marina Improvements
Washington Park City Ditch Restoration
*Better Denver Bond projects

*Cheesman Park Trails Schematic Design is Complete
Based on public input from an open house held in February 2009 and several follow-up meetings with neighborhood groups, the schematic design for an improved system of park trails is complete and ready for implementation through the Better Denver Bond. See schematic design pdf here.

Babi Yar Park Improvements

Click Here to view the concept plan presented at the public meeting on December 03, 2009. Please send comments to  

Civic Center 
Civic Center Park located in the heart of downtown is under going an extensive renovation, thanks to the voters of Denver and the Better Denver Bond Program. This $4.4 million project, with the completion scheduled for mid-June 2010, includes restoring the Greek Amphitheater, Voorhies Memorial and historic balustrade. To find out more about the restoration timeline, click here.

Denver Playground Master Plan
Denver’s first public playground was built in 1911 and, over ninety years later, the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) maintains almost 150 public playgrounds.  Each of the City’s playgrounds has been re-assessed for condition, safety, ADA accessibility, play value and maintenance practices.  Denver Playground Master Plan

Denver Dog Park Master Plan

More and more citizens are experiencing their neighborhood, community and regional park with their dog. Dogs and their owners present Denver Parks with a unique challenge in addressing the impacts of more dogs in the parks.

Other completed master plans:

63 projects – 3 planning / 60 construction

*Better Denver Bond Funded
City Park New Restroom*
Barnum Park Pool and Splash Pad*
4 Playground Rehabilitations (Pferdesteller, Argo, Elmendorf, Hampden Heights)*
Parkfield Park Development Phase II*
Lowry Great Lawn Park Development
GVR Town Center Park Development
Gulch Master Plan
Dog Park Master Plan
Patrick House Roof
Highland Park Walks*
Cheesman Pavilion Roof Repair
Cheesman Irrigation (Phases 1A & 1B)*
Cheesman Transportation Improvements (Phase 2)*
8 Irrigation Rehabilitations (City of Kunming, Overland, Veterans, Alamo Placita, Village Place, Garland, Pasquinels, 38th / Colorado)*
Verbena Park Walks and Irrigation*
Lincoln Park Irrigation Pumps*
Garfield Park Walks and Garden
Lindsley Park Walks
Westside Line Ramp @ 19th Street
River South Greenway Master Plan
7 Recreation Center Renovations*
12 Restroom Rehabilitations (Washington Park (2), Ruby Hill, McWilliams, Observatory, Veterans,Bible, Crestmoor, Robinson, Cook, Kennedy, Pulaski)*
Prairie Park (Buchtel Trail) Restoration
Civic Center Greek Theater & Voorhies Memorial Restoration *
8 Regional Trail Renovations (Bear Creek, Clear Creek, Harvard Gulch, Lake of Lakes, Lakewood Gulch, Sanderson Gulch, High Line, Platte River)*
Bible Park (High Line) Trail Renovation
13 Park Walk Renovations (Concrete Replacements)
34 Bridge Renovations on 8 different waterways
22 Tennis Court Renovations at 5 parks (SW Auto, Observatory, Sloan’s, City Park, Bear Valley)
Willis Case Golf Clubhouse

Completions (22 projects) 
Washington Park Master Plan
Operations Headquarters Master Plan
Multi-Modal Trails Plan
Park Avenue Irrigation*
Highland Park Irrigation*
Summit Lake Trail
Congress Park Irrigation*
New Central Park (Stapleton) Recreation Center*
Central Platte Valley Dog Park
City Park Greenhouse Rehabilitation*
Hampden Heights Park Storm Water Line and Walks
Highline Canal Trail (at Iliff) Rehabilitation*
Paco Sanchez Irrigation*
Park Avenue Parkway Irrigation*
Speer Boulevard Irrigation*
Fred Thomas Field Rehabilitation
Red Rocks Circulation Study & Road Rehabilitation
Pahaska Teepee Fire Suppression
Civic Center Ballustrade Restoration *
Platte River Vision Implementation Plan
Rosamond Park Walk Renovation
City Park Golf, First Tee Walk

Tennis and Basketball Court Assessment
The City and County of Denver Parks Department has conducted a court inventory on all the existing outdoor tennis and basketball courts in order to prioritize improvements to courts throughout the city.
Court Study Book061109.pdf

Final Gulch Master Plan, October 2009

Pages 1-25   Pages 26-50   Pages 51-75   Pages 76-100   Pages 101-113   Pages 114-125   Pages 126-144

Daily Park Master Plan

51 projects – 4 planning / 47 construction

*Better Denver Bond Projects

River North Concept Plan
Dailey Park Master Plan
Washington Park Ditch Study
City Park Bandstand Renovation*
12 Recreation Center Renovations*
6 Restroom Rehabilitations (Berkeley, Chaffee, Jefferson Rudy, Pferdestellar, City Park)*
Garfield Park New Restroom*
Bear Creek Playground
Chief Hosa Lodge Restroom and Deck
Echo Lake Lodge Restroom Rehabilitation
Magna Carta and Frontier West Irrigation Rehabilitations*
Green Valley Ranch East Park Development and Irrigation*
6th Avenue Irrigation*
Barnum Park South Irrigation and Walks
City Park, 3 Irrigation Projects*
Daniels Park Road Improvements
Monaco Parkway Median Rehabilitation
Platte River Retaining Walls
Washington Park Irrigation Pump*
Skyline Fountain Rehabilitation
20Th Street Recreation Center Window Replacement*
River North Greenway Master Plan
42 Court Renovations (Tennis and Basketball)
Summit Lake Restrooms
2 In-House Irrigation Rehabilitations*
Lincoln Park Irrigation*
Cherry Creek Regional Trail Improvement*
Valverde Park PAL Ballfield and Irrigation Improvements
Kittridge Walk Renovations

20 projects – 4 planning / 16 construction

*Better Denver Bond Projects

Cheesman Park Master Plan (pdf)
System-wide Playground Master Plan
Court Study and Maintenance Plan

Daniels Park Barn Restoration
Mountain Park Vault Toilets
Pahaska Teepee/Echo Lake Lodge Interior Remodels
Summit Lake Parking Lot
Cranmer Park Irrigation*
Wagon Trail Renovation*
Cherry Creek Trail University Ave. Underpass
Cherry Creek 13th Ave. Ramp
Chambers Road (Bolling to Gateway) Greenway Landscape Improvements
Auraria Parkway Median*
Berkeley Park Irrigation*
Sloan's Lake Park NW Parking Improvements
3 Restroom Rehabilitations (Silverman, Bear Creek, Montbello)
City Park Electric Fountain Rehabilitation
Babi Yar Park Entry and Parking Improvements*