Rezoning - Map Amendments

To change the uses or types of buildings permitted on a property by the zoning code, the property owner must request to “rezone” the land to a different zone district. Rezoning a property amends the city’s zoning map; thus, rezonings may also be referred to as “map amendments.” 

(Please note that simply changing the use of a property does not require a rezoning if the use is permitted in the current zone district; it may only require a zoning permit.)

Rezoning Application

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Application and Review Process

Rezoning is a public process that begins with the Denver Planning Board, and must ultimately be approved by Denver City Council. Our staff evaluates most rezoning requests against the following criteria:

  • Is the rezoning consistent with completed plans?
  • Does the rezoning further public health, safety and welfare?
  • Are there circumstances that justify the rezoning?
  • Is the rezoning consistent with the neighborhood context?
  • Does the rezoning align with the zone district’s purpose and intent?
  • Would it result in consistent regulations for each property with the same zoning designation citywide?

Our staff notifies surrounding registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs) about pending rezoning cases within 10 days of receiving a formal application. This allows nearby residents the opportunity to learn about and comment on the rezoning request well ahead of the Planning Board hearing.

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Proposed Rezonings

View proposed amendments to the Denver zoning map by visiting proposed rezonings.