Central Park Station Area Plan

Plan adopted September 24, 2012

Central Park Station TowerThe Central Park Station Area Plan encompasses a one-half mile radius of the planned Stapleton Transit Facility located near the intersection of Unita Street and Smith Road.  The transit facility includes one of six stations on the East Commuter Rail Line, which is scheduled to begin operations between Denver Union Station to Denver International Airport in 2016.  The East Rail Line runs parallel to Smith Road and the Union Pacific rail corridor.  

A majority of the station area is within the boundaries of the Stapleton Development Plan, commonly known as the “Green Book”.  Since the adoption of the Green Book in 1995, the station area has been intended to become a walkable, transit-oriented neighborhood serving as Stapleton’s portal to the regional transit network.  

The 2006 Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Strategic Plan identified the Central Park Station TOD typology as “Urban Center” and recommended that the City work closely with RTD and Forest City (Stapleton’s Master Developer) to formulate an approach to plan the station area.  In 2009, the City, RTD, and Forest City came together to develop a conceptual plan for the station area.  The Central Park Station Area Plan will build upon these previous efforts.

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