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Nov 21 2014 (3 reads)

Presentation by Frank Cannon of Continuum Partners updating neighbors on the 9th & Colorado project.

Nov 06 2014 (13 reads)

Please join the Department of Arts and Venues and the Department of Parks and Recreation on Thursday, November 20th at 6pm in the conference center at Four Mile Historic Park to give your input on the future of Burns Park.

Nov 03 2014 (34 reads)

Zone lots in all Mixed Use Commercial Districts citywide that are smaller than 6,250 square feet have no off-street parking requirements. Here is Councilwoman Robb's presentation to the Capitol Hill United Neighbors (CHUN) Zoning Committee, the Cherry Creek Steering Committee, and the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation Zoning and Planning Committee (INC ZAP) as a re-evaluation of the 2010 Denver Zoning Code parking exemption (no parking required) for lots under 6,250 square feet in commercial mixed-use zones.

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