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City Council Archives

Denver City Council
All legislative meetings of the  full   City Council are available to  view online. Watch either live at  the time of the meeting or from our  video archive.

Denver City Council  Committee meetings are all available live as  they occur and in the video  archive.

The weekly combined  Denver Mayor-City Council meetings are  shown live and available in the  archive listed by date of the  meeting.  



If you ever miss a program, just ask us  to “play it again” any Saturday afternoon  or night.

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Channel 58 - "City Info & Services Channel"

Channel 58 is also a government access cable channel operated by Denver 8 to provide additional information about City services, activities, and events provided by the departmetns/agencies of the City and County of Denver.

The channel is a visual display board for City Info & Services

Tune in 24 hours a day -

  • top of every hour for access to city jobs
  • at :15 and :45 catch the latest events at Denver's cultural facilities
  • at other regular times find Recreation activities or Library offerings
  • or find contact info for city services