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Current Bidding Opportunities

Nov 24, 2014 (45 reads)
Emergency repairs to Wastewater facilities on an on-call basis: The work includes any construction repairs on Wastewater Management Division facilities and sewer (storm and sanitary) components including but not limited to excavations, plumbing, trucking, paving, landscaping, reinforced concrete structures, etc. Depending on the type of the emergency repair, the labor could be of any type labor needed in construction projects.
Nov 24, 2014 (77 reads)

This project shall provide for a three (3) year-long contract for restoring asphalt and concrete surfaces for Wastewater Operations in-house projects.

Nov 24, 2014 (45 reads)

Citywide construction of ADA Ramps including concrete repairs to curb, gutter, sidewalk, valley gutter, concrete street and alley paving.  Potential work locations coincide with the 2015-2016 Street Maintenance Paving Program that may be referenced in the Appendicies at the end of this Contract.  The City may award more than one contract to more than one General Contractor.

201419282 - 2014 General Storm  Nov 24, 2014 (36 reads)
eBid 3602968 - Parks & Recreation On-Call Landscape Architectural and Technical Services  Nov 24, 2014 (82 reads)
201419183 - 2013 Overhead Sign Bridge Replacement Phase IIIA  Nov 12, 2014 (165 reads)
SBE On-Call Construction Services  Oct 28, 2014 (394 reads)

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