Peoria Crossing Project

The City and County of Denver, City of Aurora and Regional Transportation District (RTD) are constructing an overpass (bridge) on Peoria Street between East 39th Avenue and Baranmor Parkway. Extensive research, outreach and community engagement was conducted during the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

This project involves building an overpass bridge just west of the current Peoria Street alignment that spans the Union Pacific Railroad and East Rail Line tracks to separate vehicle traffic from passing railroads. This vehicle bridge will also go over East 37th Avenue and Smith Road to improve safety and travel reliability and it will include a 14-foot wide sidewalk along the northbound lanes for pedestrians to access the future commuter rail station.

Other project components include making improvements to the existing Peoria Street between 33rd and 39th avenues to create a frontage road on the east side of the new bridge structure, the construction of retaining walls, utility relocations and aesthetic improvements.

Project Schedule

Northbound Peoria Street traffic will move onto the Peoria Crossing bridge during the overnight hours Wednesday, July 2. With Peoria Street no longer intersecting with Smith Road or 37th Avenue, drivers will need to learn new routes through the area. To get to Smith Road from Peoria Street, drivers will need to go east on 33rd Avenue to Quentin Street and north on Quentin Street to Smith Road. Getting to 37th Avenue now requires drivers to go west on 39th Avenue to Paris Street and south on Paris Street to reach 37th Avenue. Click here for a map showing these new routes.

With all traffic on the bridge, crews will now focus their efforts on converting the old Peoria Street roadway into frontage roads north and south of the railroad tracks. Right after the Fourth of July holiday work will begin on the Aurora frontage road just south of the tracks and when this work is done in late July work will move to the Denver frontage road north of the tracks. Crews will also rebuild the Peoria Street and 39th Avenue intersection, work that will require closing part of this intersection for several days in late July or early August.