September 27, 2012 Meeting Details

On September 27, 2012, an open house was held for the South Broadway: Arizona Avenue to Exposition Avenue and the I-25 Interchange project to provide the public with information on the design process and project accomplishments to date.

Members from the City and County of Denver and the Design Team were available to provide information on the design progress, upcoming construction, and project accomplishments to date. The open house format provided attendees the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with Project Team members and discuss project related design questions. 

Roll plots were exhibited on tables and display boards were placed throughout the room illustrating the overall project layout of segments 1 & 2, roadway typical sections, design and right-of-way features and remaining project elements of the reconstruction of South Broadway between Arizona and Exposition Avenues. Handouts and display boards also included schedule and funding information.

Additionally, 3D computer simulations were made available to illustrate before and after scenarios of the realignment and reconstruction of the three I-25 interchange ramps and extension of Exposition Avenue to provide a northern access into RTD’s I-25 & Broadway Station.