Other Disabilities

Arthritis Foundation, Rocky Mountain Chapter
2280 S. Albion
Denver, CO 80222-4906
Toll-free: 800-475-6447
FAX:  303-759-4349

Web Site:  www.rockymountainarthritis.org

Email:  info.rm@arthritis.org

Description:  The mission of the Arthritis Foundation is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases. The Rocky Mountain Chapter serves Colorado , Wyoming and Montana . Services:  Support, Advocacy, Information and Reference, Member, Senior, Other Specific Disabilities

Cerebral Palsy of Denver
2220 S. Jasmine St. 
Denver, CO 80222-5708
303-691-9339 V/TTY
FAX:  303-691-0846

Web Site:  www.ucpco.org

Email:  ucpaofco@aol.com

Services:  Employment & Training, Medical & Therapeutic Services, Transportation, TTY

Eating Disorder Ctr
950 S Cherry St # 1010 
Denver, CO 80246

Web Site:  http://www.edcdenver.com/

Services:  Medical and Therapy, Hospital

Epilepsy Foundation
234 Columbine St. #333 
Denver, CO 80206-4726
FAX:  303-377-0081 

Web Site:  www.efa.org

Email:  efco2@msn.com

Services:  Education, Other Specific Disabilities

Muscular Dystrophy Assn
720 S. Colorado Blvd. #382
Denver, CO 80246
FAX:  303-693-3379

Web Site:  www.mdausa.org

Services:  Education, Other Specific Disabilities

Accent on Independence
11949 West Colfax Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215
720-275-6780 emergency/afterhours
FAX:  303-321-3015

Web Site:  www.accentoni.com

Description:  Home Health Care, TTY

Services:  Other specific disabilities

Assistive Technology Partners
601 E. 18th Ave. #130
Denver, CO 80203
303-315-1280 V
303-837-8964 TTY
FAX:  303-837-1208

Web Site:  http://www.ucdenver.edu/atp

Description:  Technical Assistance

Services:   Other Specific Disabilities

Center for People with Disabilities
1675 Range St.
Boulder, CO 80301-2722
303-442-8662  V/TTY
FAX:  303-442-0502 

Web Site:  www.cpwd-ilc.org

Email:  info@cpwd-ilc.org

Description:  Advocacy, Newsletter, TTY

Services:  Other Specific Disabilities

Colorado Coalition for Persons with Disabilities
10166 W. Texas Pl.
Lakewood, CO 80232
FAX:  303-986-6515

Description:  Other Services

Services:  Other Specific Disabilities

Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
655 Broadway, #775
Denver, CO 80203-3420
FAX:  303-839-1782 

Email:  ccdc1997@aol.com

Services:  Advocacy, TTY, Other Specific Disabilities

Developmental Pathways
325 Inverness Drive South
Englewood, CO 80112
FAX:  303-341-0382 

Web Site: http://developmentalpathways.org/

Email: information@developmentalpathways.org

Description:  Geographical Area: Douglas and Arapahoe Counties, Medicaid: No, W/C Access: No, Cost: None

Services:  Recreation, Accessible Transportation

Disability Center for Independent Living
1646 Elmira Street
Aurora, CO 80010
303-322-2330 VP/TTY
FAX:  303-856-2954 

2nd Location:
4821 E. 38 Avenue
Denver, CO 80207
303-322-2330 TTY
FAX:  303-320-1335 

Web Site:  http://www.dcilwebsite.org/

Email:  dcil@dcilwebsite.org

Description:  Independent Living Coordinator for the Deaf/hard of hearing on staff.

Services:  Ind Living, Advocacy, TTY,  Other Specific Disabilities, Deaf Advocacy

Innervision Productions, Johnnie Johnson
1255 Galapago St.
Denver, CO 80204-3560
877-829-5500 (8:00 am - 5:30 pm ET)
FAX:  513-263-3756

Web Site:  www.innervisionrecords.org

Email:  innervision2@msn.com

Description:  Innervision is a non profit for disabled and financially challenged musicians in the community of denver, Colorado and beyond.Services:  Education, Other Specific Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities Advocate
P.O. Box 4067
Parker, CO 80134

Web Site:  http://www.invisibledisabilities.org/

Email:  wayne@myida.org 

Services:  Support, Advocacy, Education, Other Specific Disabilities

JRD Steam and Bath
4501 South Navajo Street
Englewood, CO 80110
303 762 8346
FAX:  303 781 9022

Web Site:  www.jrdsteam.com

Description:  A bathroom accessibility company.specializing in making  bathrooms safer for handicpaped caccess. Supply walk in bathtubs, mobility impaired and handicapped bathtubs, side entry bathtubs, roll in showers and walk in showers.

Services: Medical and Therapy, Mobility Impaired Equipment for Bathrooms 

309 W. 1 Ave.
Denver, CO 80223-1509
FAX:  303-722-5118 

Services:  Spanish, Other Specific Disabilities

Liberty Medical
523 Violet St
Golden, CO 80401
FAX:  303-279-8706

Web Site:  www.liberty-o2.com

Email:  askus@liberty-o2.com

Description:  Provides medical oxygen for travel, relocation or moving situations.

Services:  Medical and Therapy, Home Health, Retail - Medical Supplies

National Stroke Association
9707 E. Easter Ln.
Englewood, CO 80112-3754
FAX:  303-649-9486

Web Site:  www.stroke.org

Email:  tedwardsrn@stroke.org

Services:  Education, Information and Referral

Youcan Toocan, Inc.
6460 E Yale Ave Suite E10
Denver, CO 80222

Web Site:  www.youcantoocan.com

Description: Quality home health products to make daily self-care easier, safer and more comfortable

Services:  Braille, Tech Assist, Medical and Therapy, Mobility Medical Supplies and Wheelchair Repair, Medical Supplies

American Red Cross

Provides assistance to people with disabilities.  See complete listing under Seniors with Disabilities.

American Cancer Society
1665 N Ursula St
Aurora, CO 80045

2nd Location:

American Cancer Society
2255 S. Oneida
Denver, CO 80224
FAX:  303-758-7006

Email:  mtrammel@cancer.org 

Web Site:  www.cancer.org

Description:  Provides cancer information, support to cancer patients, rides to treatment, events and programs, fundraising

American Diabetes Assoc
2480 W. 26th Ave. #120B 
Denver, CO 80211
FAX:  720-855-1302

Web Site:  www.diabetes.org

Description:  Education, Support, Newsletter

American Heart Assoc. - Colorado
1280 S. Parker Rd. 
Denver, CO 80231
FAX:  303-364-8087

Web Site:  www.americanheart.com

Email:  ahacw@orci.com

Description:  Education, Information and Referral

Services:  Other specific disabilities 

United Way Helpline
2505 18th St. 
Denver, CO 80211-3939
FAX:  303-455-6462

Web Site:  www.unitedwayDenver.org

Email: sarah.tanner@unitedwayDenver.org 

Services:  Information & referral for specific disabilities or multiple disabilities, TTY

American Red Cross
444 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203
FAX:  303-722-7488

Web Site:  www.redcross.org

Email:  info@mhcare.org

Description:  Education, Emergency Services, Disaster Recovery, supplies transportation through partnerships with the Senior Resource Center and Special Transit companies; not wheelchair accessible 

Services:  Transportation for medical appointments and shopping

RTD Senior Ride & Saturday Shopper
303-299-6089 for speech impaired

Description:  Geographical Area: Denver Only, Medicaid: No, W/C Access: Yes, Cost: Local round trips 65+ $1.25 under 65, $2.50, Regional 65+ $3.75, under 65, $7.50

Services:  Recreation, Accessible Transportation