FAQ- Lateral Transfer Qualifications and Experience

Does my patrol experience (i.e. calls to duty) have to be consecutive? 
No, the time does not have to be consecutive.
I have three consecutive years of police experience: two years on the street and one year as a School Resource Officer, does that qualify me for lateral entry consideration?
No, the department has indicated that being a school resource officer is not the same as answering calls street duty.  You would not meet the experience requirement.
Does my deputy sheriff experience count toward the required three years patrol experience? 
If you are post-certified, the classification of a deputy sheriff may count if your experience is in actual calls street duty and not just transportation of prisoners or working in a jail environment. If you are currently employed in a sworn position, and have had the minimum three years patrol experience in the past, you may be eligible.
If I am currently a campus security officer, does this count toward the three years of patrol experience?
Campus security does not typically qualify as lateral experience. However, if your are a police officer at a “Full Service” university Police Department, such as the University of Colorado at Boulder Police Department and Colorado State University Police Department, your experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis for lateral appointment. “Full Service” is defined as an agency in which the officers respond to calls for service, make arrests and file criminal cases without having to do so through another law enforcement agency. “Full Service” university police department patrol experience can satisfy the minimum three years patrol experience that must be obtained prior to application.

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