FAQ- Academy

When is the next Police Officer or Firefighter Academy?
The academy start date depends upon the personnel needs of the department. Please contact the Commission for infomation regarding next anticipated start date. 
What is the starting salary and benefits for a Police Officer or Firefighter?
For 2008 the starting salary is $43,824 annually for Police Officer Recruits and $41,604 annually for Fire recruits.  The benefits are part of a collective bargaining agreement. The benefits include vacation and sick leave, medical, dental, vision, and retirement options. Click here for more details about police benefits: Collective Bargaining Agreement 
Where is the Police and Fire Academy located?
The police academy is currently located at 2155 N. Akron Way, Denver CO 80238 (303) 370-1500.  The Rocky Mountain Fire Academy is located at 5440 Roslyn Street bldg 5, Denver CO 80216 (720) 913-4075.
How long is the academy for a entry level and lateral entry Police Officers?

The academies combine both entry level and lateral-entry recruits in the same class. For entry-level police officers, the academy is approximately 27 weeks long. For later-entry police officers, the academy may be from 10 to 27 weeks depending upon the individual’s level of performance in the academy and prior police experience and training. Trainig schedule vary but are typically Monday through Friday. The FTO program typically runs from 2 ½ months to 3 ½ months. Recruits are payd a full salary while in academy. Lateral-entry may be advance in pay and rank upon completion of the academy. Recruits must provide his or her own housing during academy.

How long is the fire academy?
The fire academy is approximately 24 weeks long. Training schedules vary but are typical Monday through Friday. There are no lateral entry provisions for the Fire Department. Housing is off-site. Other arrangements must be made with the Fire Academy.
Does my academy training count toward the three years of patrol experience?
No, your training academy does not count toward the requirement for patrol experience.  However, upon successful completion of an academy, the field training time does count.

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