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City Officials

On July 18, 2011, Michael B. Hancock was sworn in as the 45th Mayor of Denver, learn more about:

Mayor Michael B. Hancock

Denver citizens are fortunate to live in a city and county with a rather unique form of government that includes an independently elected Auditor—something very few other cities have, read more from:

Auditor Dennis J. Gallagher

Clerk and Recorder's Office serves a number of important functions for the City and County of Denver find out here:

Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson

Denver City Council makes laws, budgets City money, and has authority to investigate City agencies and employees, meet your:

Denver City Council Members

Denver District Attorney
Denver District Attorney website

Denver Public Schools Board of Education Members
Denver Board of Education Directory 

Regional Transportation District (RTD) Elected Board Members
RTD Board of Directors  


State and Federal Officials

State Officials

Lt. Governor

State of Colorado website

Secretary of State
Secretary of State website

Colorado State Treasurer
Department of the Treasury

Attorney General
Attorney General website

State Senators
State Representatives
Colorado General Assembly website 


U.S. Congress Elected Officials
U.S. Senate Directory
U.S. House of Representatives Directory