Commission on Homelessness
Max. # of Members 40
Year Terms POM
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No
Roger Armstrong
Jill Barkin
Rick Barnes
Christine Benero
Geoff Bennett
Ed Blair
Albus Brooks, City Councilman
Don Burnes
Terrell Curtis
Shawn DeBerry
Tami Door
Andrew Feinstein
Leslie Foster
Stephen Gould
Ismael Guerrero
Michael Henry
Jeff Hirota
Doug Hock
Regina Huerter
Nikki Jackson
Sharon Knight
Randle Loeb
Tony Lopez, Commander, District 6
Tom Luehers
Victoria McVicker
Brad Meuli
Judy Montero, City Councilwoman
Debbie Ortega, City Councilwoman
John Parvensky
Nancy Rider
Jeanne Robb, City Councilwoman
Paul Ryan
Gary Sanford
Richard Scharf
Jon Schlegel
Mark Wright
To participate in a community-wide effort to develop a ten year plan to end homelessness in the City and County of Denver and to help oversee the implementation of such a plan.

Knowledge of homelessness and local human resources.

Meets: Varies, call contact person

Contact: Bennie Milliner, 720-944-2200,  

For more information visit Denver's Road Home website.

Enabling Authority:
Mayor's Office.